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packging & Shipping

We are more focused on packaging of our products to improve its selling point. Our packaging is " Frustration free " , meaning that we try to reduce
the frustration of final consumer and the persons working in stores . So for that we make our packing recyclable and take measures like -
1) We always put 2 pieces of thermacole blocks between each Pot in a stack . This provides good coushioning as well as
2) pieces do not stuck in to each other , mentaining the quality of the merchandise

Corrugated Pallets and Boxes
Our Corrugated pallet boxes can be produced in any size, providing a cost effective alternative to dispatching your products in several smaller containers, and can be put directly in to the stores . These are suitable for weights up to 1000 Kgs with double stacking for world wide shipment. These boxes can be printed to your specific requirements. Our Corrugated pallets provide a cleaner , greener , cost effective and lighter alternative to traditional wooden pallets . These pallets meets your needs in terms of supply cycle optimisation and respect for the environment . These are 100% recyclable !!

Shipping is one of the imporant part in exporting goods. We do shipping in such a way that it remains cost effective. We do the contanarisation on our end to check not to have any vacant space in the container. As this effect the landed cost, so we negotiate hard with the shipping companies and keep an eye on the vessle planning etc to ensure the timely delievery of goods. Our Incoterms are FOB mumbai port.